Bonet Lane
Rotherham Bonet Lane Brinsworth Rotherham Bonet Lane Brinsworth
© Bus Pictures © Old Rotherham 2014

The Fairways
Rotherham Fairways Brinsworth Rotherham  Fairways Brinsworth
© Bus Pictures © Old Rotherham 2014
The Fairways website can be found HERE.

Between Bawtry Road and Brinsford Road
Brinsworth Rotherham Brinsworth Rotherham
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Brinsworth Rotherham Brinsworth Rotherham
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A composit image showing the layout. Created by Scott. The red arrow shows the location of the photographer and the direction of the shot.
Brinsworth Rotherham
© Google Maps 2012 / © Old Rotherham 2012
Green X = Photographers location. Pink oval = Location of the people stood at the bottom of the steps. Small red rectangles = Prefab houses. Yellow lines = Paths as shown on a 1967 arial photo. Large red rectangle at the side of Hadrian Rd = Location of the row of terrace houses as shown in the old image.

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Notes: "The site was cleared for the construction of a pre-fabricated housing estate in 1947, and as work commenced in 1948, a grid of Roman roads was exposed. Since the foundations of the houses only required excavation to a depth of 6", little stratigraphy was exposed, and what little is known of the site was only exposed in service trenches". Read more about Brinsworth at Rotherham Web